LyoApp – Stay Connected

LyoApp – Stay Connected

The LyoApp is an innovative tool for linking your freeze dryer to your smartphone. The app is particularly interesting for customers who would like to stay continuously informed about the freeze drying process in any type of situation. The LyoApp is currently available for selected Martin Christ Pilot freeze-dryer.

The LyoApp offers the following features:

  • Overview of the current process data
  • Name of the current process section
  • Zoomable visualisation of the process graphics
  • Important status information provided as push notifications
  • Messages and alerts
  • Configuration of shown process data
  • Linking with several freeze dryers

LyoApp – Connecting your freeze dryer with your smartphone

Store Downloads

If you do not have the app yet please download it from the Store corresponding to your smart phone:

Demo version LyoApp

To test the LyoApp, first download the app from the Apple Store or Google Playstore. After downloading, please follow the instructions in the app. Use the QR code to simulate a connection with a virtual freeze dryer.