Camera system LyoCam

LyoCam 2.0 – Greater Transparency in Freeze-Drying

Because process times can be many hours long, it is seldom practical to observe the drying process. 

That being said, process abnormalities that last for just seconds or minutes can cause so-called pharmaceutical elegance, up to and including collapse of the product, resulting in the loss of a batch. 

This is where Martin Christ turns to LyoCam 2.0: a high-quality, full HD industrial camera continuously photographs the product, at intervals varying from seconds to minutes, depending on the process stage. Event-controlled high-frequency recording or freezing is also possible with controlled nucleation. The behavior of the ice condenser (build-up) can also be documented. 

The key feature, however, is coupling images using our LPCplus SCADA system on the freeze dryer. 

In plain terms, a slider in the graphic interface for the process can be used to view the images in precise synchronization with the recorded data. The same applies to process stages in the event list. 

A perfect tool for process optimization and quality control. 

Unique features in summary:

  • Monitoring and analysis of freeze-drying processes
  • Fully linked to LPCplus graphic process control interface
  • Identical timestamp to other recorded process parameters
  • Intelligent image saving, that is, image frequency linked to changes in stage and special process events (e.g., alarms)
  • Cold-light LED lamps to avoid any energy input
  • Up to 4 cameras can be used in LPCplus
  • Standard sight glasses can be used