Production systems for aseptic production

Production systems for aseptic production of active ingredients (double-chamber systems)

Custom system projects

All systems and equipment fulfil the most stringent requirements with regard to the materials used and functional safety, and they are extensible and upgradable for future applications. Advanced automation concepts simplify operation for users and ensure fully reproducible drying processes. Our experts are active in major associations and working groups, including ISPE and the German PAT group, and are therefore familiar with stringent regulatory requirements, particularly with regard to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

We work with users to devise system and loading concepts for an extremely wide range of tasks and process requirements and implement them in manufacturable designs.

The double-chamber design developed by Christ places the ice condenser directly below the drying chamber. There is a wide choice of sizes, with ice condenser capacities from 12 kg to more than 500 kg. The shelf area ranges from 1 m² (specifically for process optimisation) to over 40 m², depending on the system type.

Our Epsilon DS freeze drying systems feature:

  • Pressure chamber > 2.5 bar for steam sterilisation (SIP)
  • Hydraulic/pneumatic door locking system
  • Stainless steel door (optional slot door)
  • Automatic filter test (FIT)
  • Siemens S7 control system with LPCplus
  • Optional cleaning in place (CIP) capability
  • Compact design with minimum space requirements

CIP (Cleaning in Place), SIP (Sterilization in Place)

FIT (Filter integrity test)

Slot door

Loading systems