LPCplus SCADA system

LPCplus SCADA system

Our user-friendly LPCplus (Lyophilisation Process Control plus) SCADA software for process and system control provides a uniform user interface for all freeze dryer functions and associated administration tasks. It supports the following functional areas:

  • Process control for manual, fully automatic and program-controlled drying processes
  • Visualisation
  • Process logging (measurement data and audit trail)
  • Process documentation
  • Data backup and recovery
  • Administration of freeze drying programs and recipes
  • User administration


The LPCplus software has been developed in compliance with the provisions of Regulation 21 CFR Part 11 of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) with regard to data stored in electronic form and electronic signatures.

LPCplus can be used with various controllers (including LSCplus and Siemens PLC) and runs under various PC operating systems.

Summary of the key features of the LPCplus software

  • Transparent unit operation
  • Graphic display of system status
  • Process curve display with user definable measurement assignments and zoom functions
  • All current process events shown in tabular form (logbook)
  • Graphical generation of drying programs (recipes)
  • Entry of user-defined data for individual batches
  • Complete process documentation and archiving, including data export in Excel or other format
  • Determination of the eutectic point (eutectic point) and the appropriate vacuum setting for the drying process
  • Plausibility checks and user ID queries for data entry
  • Notification of unauthorised changes to target values, configurations and programs
  • System security safeguarded by differentiated access levels
  • Tamper-proof binary formats for optimal data integrity
  • Recording of a unique process file with direct process traceability (audit trail)
  • Capability for data backup using network devices or data storage media
  • Alarm configuration
  • Alarm notification by e-mail and/or text messaging


LPCplus is used for demanding processes in:

Introduction and basic functions process visualisation LPCplus