Freeze drying of organic solvents

Recommendations for low, medium and high solvent concentrations

Our freeze dryers are chemically resistant to most solvents typically used in freeze drying processes. Nevertheless, our high-quality materials can be attacked by certain chemicals. Corrosion resistance and flammability are key factors here.

To provide you with clear guidance, we differentiate between low, medium and high solvent concentrations. We have suitable solutions for these three applications.

Classification of solvents

Low, medium or high? Find the maximum permissible solvent concentration.

Classification of solvents

Solutions at low concentration

Thanks to the use of high-quality materials, our laboratory and pilot freeze dryers are suitable for low solvent concentrations as standard.

Processes with more concentrated substances are not permitted with our standard appliances.

Solutions for medium concentrations

We offer special solutions for higher concentrations: Our Pilot freeze dryers Epsilon 1-4 LSCplus, Epsilon 2-4 LSCplus, Epsilon 2-6D LSCplus and Epsilon 2-10D LSCplus can be adapted for medium solvent concentrations using the extension option. Freeze dryers for this application are designed to be chemically resistant, i.e. they have modified valves and door seals, special vacuum pumps and adapted refrigeration systems.

Solutions at high concentrations

We have one laboratory and two pilot freeze dryers in our product portfolio that have been specially developed for the freeze drying of high concentration solvents. The selection of liquid- and gas-contacting parts has been carefully considered to ensure a safe and durable freeze drying process.

The appearance of the pilot units is characterized by the solvent-resistant and robust stainless steel door with glass window. The vacuum is generated by an oil-free scroll pump, which is ATEX explosion-proof certified as standard.

Discover our preconfigured, high-performance freeze dryers for applications with high solvent concentrations in detail:

Rely on our experience and innovative technology to optimally meet your freeze drying requirements, even with different solvent concentrations. If you have any further questions or individual requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us. Find out more about our freeze dryers and contact us for customized solutions.

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