Foods (fruit, vegetables, meat)

Gentle drying processes are just as important for quality foods as for pharmaceutical production. Freeze drying enables especially gentle preservation and retains the colour, texture and aromas of the foods. If they are subsequently stored in airtight containers and protected against moisture, light and oxygen, they can be kept for years at room temperature.

Batch processing is used in particular for high-value products that are not constantly available, for example seasonal products such as mare’s milk or truffles. Rations for space missions or military operations are among the more exotic applications.Consumers enjoy freeze-dried fruit in their muesli or – for epicures – in molecular cuisine, which focuses on biochemical and physico-chemical processes in the preparation and consumption of foods. Applied molecular cuisine utilises devices and methods from the laboratory world, including lyophilisation, to create dishes with completely new properties.

Christ offers a wide range of products for this purpose. With a broad range of ice capacities and versatile accessories, our laboratory freeze dryers – such as the Gamma 1-16 LSCplus with large shelves – are ideal for this application. You can also choose from our wide spectrum of production systems.