Non-sterile pharmaceutical and diagnostic processes

Non-sterile pharmaceutical and diagnostic processes

If your production processes must comply with stringent GMP requirements but do not need conventional steam sterilization (SIP) our double-chamber system with a large opening to the ice condenser chamber is an especially good choice.

As with our freeze dryers typically used in pharmaceutical applications, we provide comprehensive support for component layout and system designs tailored to your specific needs. This is rounded out by expert system qualification and technical service to ensure long-term trouble-free operation of your system.

We work with you to devise system and loading concepts for an extremely wide range of tasks and process requirements and implement them in manufacturable designs.
The double-chamber design developed by Christ places the ice condenser directly below the drying chamber. There is a wide choice of sizes, with ice condenser capacities from 12 kg to more than 500 kg. The shelf area ranges from 1 m² (specifically for process optimization) to over 40 m², depending on the unit type.

    Our Epsilon D units feature:

    • Optional clean in place (CIP) capability
    • Compact design for minimum space requirement
    • Manual door lock
    • Acrylic or stainless steel door
    • LSCplus with standard software; Siemens S7 used in case of additional options, such as CIP
    • LPCplus SCADA system for GMP-compliant process documentation
    • Freeze Drying of bulk materials
    • Optimal designed for product trays

    The two-chamber principle is particularly suitable for vial / bottle drying as well as for special cavities, e.g. MTPs. Examples are pharmaceuticals, diagnostics or collagen.