DNA specimen preparation

Routine DNA specimen preparation

Concentrating nucleic acids and proteins or removing solvents is an ideal application for Rotational Vacuum Concentration (RVC). It assures fast and gentle processing for these sensitive and valuable specimens.

In a sequencing lab where high sample throughput is required, it is the ideal method. A variety of applications, such as concentrating DNA specimens, removing interfering alcohol residues after precipitation or aliquoting proteins (enzymes), can be implemented in just a few steps with this method. Even sensitive proteins can be handled gently by establishing optimal conditions. This takes into account the vapour pressure of the solvent and the temperature sensitivity of the specimen in order to minimise processing times without specimen loss.

A broad range of fast Christ Rotational Vacuum Concentrators (RVC) offer optimal solutions for an extremely wide spectrum of laboratory requirements. No matter which device configuration you choose, you are assured of fast, gentle vacuum concentration of your specimens. With its small footprint, the RVC 2-18 CDplus is ideal for small labs.