In medicine the term diagnostics refers to distinguishing features for the identification and differentiation of deseases.In the broader sense, it includes test sets for the quality control of foods or other products or for monitoring environmentally relevant factors, such as substances in wastewater.

Rather unusual cavities are often used, e.g. containers consisting of 2 or more individual chambers, e.g. deepwell plates or tubes. Here Christ has developed a high level of competence with regard to the adaptation of the basic unit as well as the supply of the necessary accessories. Examples of this are the design as a radiation dryer, if there are not sufficient contact surfaces for the classic surface drying, as well as the provision of special metal moulds for ready-to-fill syringes.   

Since diagnostics are often not used in vivo, but body fluids (blood, urine, lymph) are taken for this purpose, the requirements for sterile production are less strict than for the so-called injectables. Of course, production must still be carried out according to cGMP rules in order to guarantee correct measurement results later on.

Christ uses cGMP-compliant laboratory freeze dryers with special accessories here on a laboratory scale. On a production scale, these are pilot freeze dryers, single-chamber systems as well as so-called double-chamber systems with separate ice condenser chamber that cannot be steam-sterilised.

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