Dear customers and business friends,

It is my personal concern to give you a short update today on the measures we have taken to be able to act without significant interruptions.

The health of our employees, partners, customers and of course families is our highest priority and we are doing everything we can as your partner to do our part to contain the corona virus pandemic. If every single person makes his or her contribution, we can make a significant contribution to significantly reducing the impact of the pandemic - we are convinced of that!

We have taken a number of necessary measures to protect our employees while continuing to offer our products and services. We have switched production to a two-shift model, our employees work in the offices, where possible from the home office, and we have reduced the number of employees per office. Internal meetings and personal discussions have been replaced by telephone calls as far as possible.
Even in these turbulent and unusual times, we are ready for action and are there for you without any major restrictions!

If you have any questions, we are very happy to help you.

You can reach our service and sales department under +49 (0)5522 5007 0.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.


Stay healthy and take care of yourself.


Frank Harms


Martin Christ Freeze Dryers

Martin Christ Freeze Dryers is a world leader in the development and manufacturing of freeze dryers, with over 70 years of experience. Our product portfolio encompasses laboratory units, pilot systems and production systems as well as vacuum concentrators for an extremely wide range of applications and process requirements.

The name Christ stands for utmost customer satisfaction everywhere in the world. We develop and manufacture our products in accordance with the most stringent quality requirements to provide superior customer benefits. Our corporate strategy is focussed on your applications.

We see ourselves as a worldwide leader in innovation, and we regard our commitment to research and development as a major duty. Even more importantly, it is our greatest passion. We constantly secure our position as an international leader by means of technological innovations in freeze drying and rotational vacuum concentration – and dozens of patents held by our company and our employees provide irrefutable evidence of this.

The corporate group headquartered in Osterode (Germany) consists of Martin Christ Freeze Dryers and Sigma Laboratory Centrifuges. The unique complementary nature of the individual business and research areas of the two companies leads to a constant transfer of expertise as well as uniform resource management, and ultimately to highly efficient synergy effects appreciated by our customers. Trust our competence.

Innovationspreis 2018

Mit der hauseigenen Erfindung LyoShuttle – das innovative vollautomatische Be- und Entladesystem für Gefriertrockner – haben wir am 21.11.2018 den 2. Preis für ausgewählte Innovationen des Landkreises Göttingen in der Kategorie »Unternehmen über 20 Mitarbeiter/innen« gewonnen. Die Preisverleihung fand im Deutschen Theater in Göttingen statt.

Besonders stolz sind wir darauf, dass wir die Entwicklung des Systems von den ersten konzeptionellen Ideen bis zur Serienreife mit eigenen Mitteln durchführen konnten. Dies ist ein Beleg für die große Innovationskraft unserer Mitarbeiter/innen. Das LyoShuttle-System überzeugt unsere Zielgruppen und Kunden mit einzigartigen Produktvorteilen und -lösungen. Für unser Unternehmen ergibt sich durch die Erfindung LyoShuttle ein enormes wirtschaftliches und organisches Wachstumspotential. Eine positive Konsequenz daraus: Wir erweitern durch einen Neubau auf unserem Firmengelände die Produktions- sowie Büroflächen. Gleichzeitig werden neue Arbeitsplätze geschaffen.