Epsilon 2-6D Solvent

Pilot freeze dryer

Optimal configuration for high solvent concentration

Product description

Epsilon 2-6D Solvent is specifically designed for the freeze drying of solvents. The parts in contact with liquids and vapours have been chosen with extreme care to ensure a reliable and sustainable freeze drying process. The unit features a solvent-resistant and sturdy stainless steel door with a glass window. The vacuum is produced by an oil-free scroll pump with ATEX explosion protection certification as standard.

The solvent package is a reliable solution for demanding drying requirements with highly concentrated solvents, such as 100% acetonitrile, 100% dioxane or 60% tert-butanol.

A detailed classification of the most commonly used solvents in the categories High, Medium and Low can be found here.

Technical data

Ice condenser capacity:6 kg
Ice condenser temperature:–88 °C
Shelf dimensions:225 x 300 mm (W x D)
Number of shelves:3
Shelf area:0,21 m2
Shelf spacing: 
Shelf temperature:–50 °C  bis zu +60 °C


Shelf temperature accuracy:max. ±1 °C
Cooling systems:2 independent systems, air cooled
Ice condenser cooling system:2 compressors, 0.6 kW each, in cascade configuration
Shelf cooling system:1 compressor, 0,6 kW
Unit dimensions:1267 x 860 x 650 mm (H x W x D)



Special features

  • Solvent-resistant version for high concentrations, such as 100% acetonitrile, 100% dioxane, 60% tert-butanol, and many more
  • Compact stand-alone unit
  • Defined PAT tools for process control, including LyoApp and WTMplus 2.0
  • High-quality solvent-resistant materials
  • No ignition sources
  • Two capacitive sensors
  • Scroll pump
  • Automatic inerting to remove oxygen
  • Natural refrigerant

Your specialist for solvents

Right from the start, Martin Christ has accumulated experience in solvent freeze drying. Today there are two pilot freeze dryers available, along with the high-performance Alpha 3-4 LSCbasic laboratory freeze dryer, that enable optimal freeze drying of end products with highly concentrated solvents.

Based on experience, a simplified classification scheme (Low, Medium, High) can be applied to the solvents commonly used in freeze drying. This allows a quick and easy decision regarding which freeze dryer configuration is the right solution for a particular solvent concentration.

Solvent classification