RVC 2-25 CDplus

Rotary Vacuum Concentrator

Universal table-top unit for routine concentration work

RVC 2-25 CDplus

Compact benchtop midi concentrator for fast and efficient vacuum concentration, at home on every lab bench.
Optimal processing without specimen splashing is ensured by modern technology with variable-speed magnetic drive, automatic venting and internal control of vacuum application and release.  This midi concentrator ensures optimal and gentle handling of DNA/RNA, proteins and other liquid specimens.
The glass cover features high resistance to organic solvents, such as TFA and DMSO.

The RVC 2-25 CDplus can be specifically configured to suit your individual needs. A wide variety of rotors are available for this concentrator.

Product specifications

Dimensions of basic unit(H x W x D)255 mm x 315 mm x 460 mm
Weight24 kg
Vacuum pumpMZ 2C (end vacuum 8 mbar)
MD 4C (end vacuum 2 mbar)
Speed (variable)max 1550 rpm
Temperature adjustement range+ 30 °C to + 80 °C
Container volume0.2 ml – 100 ml
Specimen capacitymax. 108 Eppendorf Caps