Combined forces for the US market

Combined forces for the US market

Christ and Elementar collaborating on precise elemental analysis

Elemental analysis is now available from a single source. Quantitative determination of a very wide range of substance combinations is the core of the Elementar Inc product portfolio. Thanks to the interaction of precise analytical equipment and reliable freeze dryers from Christ, we are able to offer our customers in the US market a comprehensive and effective solution for peptides, proteins and soil analytics.

To ensure an accurate analysis, in many cases the product needs to be available as a powder or in dried form. The gentlest and most effective way to dry substances while retaining their original form is freeze drying, also known as lyophilization.

Christ and Elementar have the same standard of quality and can draw on many years of experience. Together they create a strong partnership that combines sales, service and support for US customers.


“One-third of the world’s pharmaceutical market is in our backyard. We are excited to partner with an established organization like Martin Christ, whose focus on the drug development and manufacturing process chain will provide Elementar with the opportunity to drive adoption of our full portfolio of instrumentation, software, and services.”

  • Ryan Titmas, President & CEO, Elementar Americas, Inc


“We are very happy to cooperate with Elementar in the US, as we see many areas of synergies between the two partners. Our successful business model around the world is based on long-term partnerships with local, well established partners. We are convinced that together with Elementar we can offer premium sales and service support to customers in the US market.

  • Dr. Frank Harms, Managing Director Martin Christ Freeze Dryers


A joint webinar focusing on “The Dual Threat in Peptide Manufacturing & Quality Assurance” will be held in early March 2022. Additional information will be provided shortly.