Dessiccation en fioles

Dessiccation en fioles au laboratoire

In conventional chemical synthesis, extraction of natural substances or the stabilization of biopharmaceutical or biotech products, it is usually necessary to remove solvents quickly and gently and ensure that the end product can be stored. This can be achieved by freeze drying.

For example, in conventional synthesis active ingredients or intermediates can be dried and crystallized using flask drying. The resulting products and can be stored easily and stable, and they can be analyzed in detail. Unlike distillation, which involves an external heat source, the highest temperature in the process is room temperature. There is largely no need for complicated thermal configuration and monitoring or determination of the end point of the process, which leads to simpler procedures in the laboratory. The gently dried solids have a porous surface with a large surface area. This facilitates transfer to other containers, storage, and re-dissolution in downstream process steps. Most proteins can reconstitute themselves properly after re-dissolution and retain their active effect. 

With our range of accessories, a large number of flasks can be dried independently in parallel, even when different solvents are involved. Using individual valves, flasks can also be removed or connected at any time without interrupting the vacuum.

For this typical application we recommend our laboratory freeze dryers with LSCbasic controller, e.g. in combination with a horizontal drying manifold with twelve rubber valves.