Alpha 3-4 LSCbasic

Alpha 3-4 LSCbasic

  • Solvent packet flask: 
    Alpha 3-4 LSCbasic freeze dryer with internal condenser, made entirely of stainless steel (316L)

    Condenser capacity: 4 kg
    Condenser temperature: -105 °C

    Product specifications
    Controller LSCbasic
    Method Double-Chamber

    •  Optimized ice condenser
    •  Solvent-resistant materials
    •  Capacitive vacuum measurement probe
    •  Connection for inertization (e.g., for nitrogen)
    •  Vacuum-chemical hybrid pump with filter
    •  Manifold with 12 chemical-resistant valves for flasks

Special system

Special system for safe freeze drying of organic samples containing solvents

The condenser temperature of the Alpha 3-4 LSCbasic is –105 °C.  The ice capacity is 4 kg.  

The specialized system is available in two different packet configurations. Meets increased safety requirements for commonly flammable solvents.

Product Specifications
Ice condenser capacity 4 kg
Ice condenser performance 2,5 kg/24 h
Ice condenser temperature -105 °C
Dimensions of base model (W x H x D) 780 x 415 x 540 mm
Weight 80 kg
Communication port Ethernet