Loading and unloading system LyoShuttle Drive

The product range of the Martin Christ Company has been expanded to include the new, patent-pending LyoShuttle Drive automated loading and unloading system. The freeze-dryer is loaded by a loading robot that uses timing belts to move horizontally. All of the components have been selected based on cGMP considerations.

Thanks to its flexible and space-saving construction, the LyoShuttle Drive option is particularly suitable for production freeze dryers in the pharmaceutical field, including under insulated conditions, and requires significantly less space. 

The LyoShuttle Drive system from Martin Christ has outstanding advantages to ensure product quality and production reliability.

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LyoCam – Greater Transparency in Freeze-Drying

Because process times can be many hours long, it is seldom practical to observe the drying process. 

This is where Martin Christ turns to LyoCam: a high-quality, full HD industrial camera continuously photographs the product, at intervals varying from seconds to minutes, depending on the process stage. Event-controlled high-frequency recording or freezing is also possible with controlled nucleation. The behavior of the ice condenser (build-up) can also be documented. 

The key feature, however, is coupling images using our LPCplus SCADA system on the freeze dryer. 

LyoCoN – controlled nucleation

Regarding the freezedrying of products in vials, it should be avoided, that all samples freeze at different times. It is the aim to gain more process control and more homogenous end product properties.

The introduction of the new accessorie LyoCoN by Martin Christ is the answer to this challenge: The vials are initially cooled down and subsequently charged with a fine ice fog. The ice crystals move into the vials and work as freezing nuclei. All vials crystallize within seconds – without the stochastic time lag by suprercooling.

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Easy handling with larger capacities

The LyoCube with useable shelf area of up to 0.6 m2 provides user-friendly operation with front door and rectangular shelves. Flask drying in up to 2 x 3 glasflasks is available as an option. The LyoCube is available for the latest LSCplus laboratory freeze dryer product line or as a retrofit of existing freeze dryers with LSC controller.

Comfortable Process Visualization

The user-friendly process control system LPCplus SCADA software brings together the operation of all freeze-drying functions and the associated administrative tasks under a single user interface – of course, 21 CFR Part 11 compliant. LPCplus supports in conjunction with online process data the self-optimizing of lyophilization recipes.

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Simply wireless

The wireless product temperature measurement WTMplus features most comfortable sensor handling without cable spaghetti and provides precise data in all phases of the lyophilization cycle. Also available for pilot freeze dryers (e.g. Epsilon 2-6D LSCplus).

The perfect completion

With the Epsilon 2-4 LSCplus, we proudly present the last remaining pilot unit at Christ upgraded with the innovative LSCplus controller. The freeze dryer is specially dedicated to sensitive, low freezing products. Ice condenser and shelf temperatures of -85 °C resp. -70 °C enable solvent freeze drying at its best.

Pilot freeze-dryers

Alpha 1-2 LDplus Entry Package

The complete and ready-to-use start-up kit for successful freeze drying applications.

The Alpha 1-2 LDplus Entry Package with its ultimate perfection is your universal tool for successful processes, day by day.


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